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Name:R / "Ryan" (human) || WARM BODIES
Birthdate:Jan 18
Human R (pre-canon and post-canon)
Zombie R @ [personal profile] shambler

CANON: WARM BODIES (movieverse, some bookverse thrown in)
THE BASICS: A zombie with next to no memory who he was, only that his name started with an R. Over time he begins to recover his humanity. A man of few words but he makes up for it with good intentions and a romantic streak. A dead love life that's getting better. Wittier in his head than his groans. Has some amazing taste in music. Chronic hoarder. The rotting Romeo to his Juliet. He's eventually cured and starts a new life as a human.

R died next to a mystery blonde woman in the prequel, "The New Hunger". He probably was a shitty zombie apocalypse survivor. Some people just aren't cut out for it.

HEAD-CANON HEAVY, mix of movie/book. A young man slated to die...only he doesn't get the memo you're supposed to stay dead. In the future, he dies next to a mystery woman in "The New Hunger" it's implied he shot her in the head and succumbed to a zombie bite to the thigh. R, in this case, stands in for "Ryan". He loses his job the day before zombies hit his city and ends up on the run with his girlfriend, Melissa, grossly unprepared and doomed before they even start. Possesses some of the sense of humor he will have as a zombie. Needs reading glasses. Swears he has dibs on the crowbar in case of a zombie invasion - has no idea how much he'll regret those words.

PB: Nicholas Hoult (Tony Stonem) from "Skins" / Jack from "Jack the Giant Slayer" / Hank from "XMFC" / Matt from "Rule Number Three"
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